• Custom Sublimation ink ICC Profile for your Printers

Sublimation ICC Profiling service for inkjet printers using Sublimation inks.
 Please note: we are currently unable to offer custom ICC profiling for SAWGRASS SG500 and SG1000 models
Why Use an ICC Profile?
A custom made ICC profile is imperative to get the best results from your inkjet sublimation printer.
Sublimation inks are not made by the original printer manufacturer.
Therefore variations in the tonal colour of the ink result in the printer producing incorrect colours to those shown on your computer screen.
A custom sublimation ICC profile from MiddleGraphics will help to match the onscreen image colours.
As a result the final transfer print will match what is on screen as closely as possible.
MiddleGraphics have a range of Sublimation ICC Profiles pre-made for use with various Epson printers using Inktec Sublinova inks.
These are available FOC with the purchase of a complete set of Sublinova inks, as long as your printer is compatible.

How are ICC Profiles Made?
Three things are taken into account when creating a custom sublimation ICC profile.
Printer: Each printer make and model uses different printing heads and different software to denote how it applies colour to a page.
Ink: Each sublimation ink is different from manufacturer to manufacturer, and brand to brand.
Paper: Each sublimation transfer paper is different both in physical terms (how white the base colour is) and also how much ink it releases during the heat press transfer process.

What is the Difference Between the Colour Swatch Sizes?
The colour swatch size denotes how many colours the spectrophotometer will profile.
In theory, the larger the colour swatch, the better the profile.
However, this is not always the case.
4 colour printers don’t usually need more than a 400 swatch profile creating.
Using 800 or more swatches can actually have a negative impact on the finished result on these printers.
6 colour printers tend to work best with an 800 swatch profile.
With the ability to produce more colour range than a 4 colour printer the extra swatches help to extend the colour reach.
8+ colour printers benefit from 1600+ colour swatches.
Their vastly extended colour range means these printers can offer excellent colour reproduction and depth.
Getting a large colour swatch for scanning is imperative on these machines and will result in an outstanding finished product.

How to purchase:

1. Simply add the product to your basket, check out and make payment.
2. The Colour Profiling Swatch Sheets are then available to download directly from the website.
3. Print the two Colour Profiling Swatch Sheet images using your printer, ink and paper setup.
We advise printing 3 copies of each in case any issues arise during heat pressing.
4. Post the printed sheets to our address.
5. Your printed sheets will be inspected before being heat pressed, and scanned to generate your custom ICC profile.
6. The custom ICC profile is then sent to you by email.*

 *All ICC profiles provided by MiddleGraphics are protected by Canadian  Intellectual Property Law and should not be shared or sold on. MiddleGraphics are the sole owners of these files. No title to the intellectual property in the Software is transferred to you under the terms of this Agreement. You do not acquire any rights to the Software except for use on one personal computer owned by the purchaser of this profile.


Custom Sublimation ink ICC Profile for your Printers

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