• Subli Glaze™ Adhesion Promoter Sublimation Coating 13.5 oz (400ml)

Subli Glaze™ DIY Coatings

Subli Glaze™ Adhesion Promoter

When you are applying your chosen Subli Glaze™ product to any hard substrate with a smooth surface such as metal, glass, or acrylics, Subli Glaze™ Adhesion Promoter is first required to allow your chosen Subli Glaze™ product to bond effectively to the substrate.

Contents of 13.5 oz (400ml) are estimated to coat about 20 square feet (2 Sq meters), although your coverage may vary. Actual coverage is affected by many factors, including: porosity of the substrate surface, density of application, number of coatings applied.

Use caution

  •   as with any aerosol product - to work with this product in well-ventilated areas, and away from any open flame. Read container for additional instructions prior to use.

Use it to

  • Allow your chosen Subli Glaze™ product to adhere to hard substrates with a smooth surface
  • Prevent separation of coating and substrate after pressing

How to use Subli Glaze™ Adhesion Promoter

  1. Ensure all surfaces to be pre-treated are clean, dry, and free from dirt or grease.
  2. Apply liberally with a soft clean cloth over the surface to be coated to ensure even coverage.
  3. Allow Subli Glaze™ Adhesion Promoter to bond with the surface for approximately 30 seconds before removing any excess with clean cloth. When removing the excess, try to eliminate any grease, or smudge marks if any present.


  • This Coating is not recommended for use with acrylic products, as acrylics generally cannot withstand the heat required to cure the coatings, or heat and pressure required for dye sublimation.

Subli Glaze™ Adhesion Promoter Sublimation Coating 13.5 oz (400ml)

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