This products made of flexible fiberglass knit fabric tape saturated with water-activated polyurethane. After being water-activated it can create a rigid structure with high ability of anti-bending and anti-elongation, and chemicals-resistance.
Fiberglass fixing Tape can be used to repair metals (e.g. iron, aluminum and copper), wood, glass, rubber, porcelain, ceramics, plastics, PVC etc. Fiberglass fixing Tape is non-flammable, water resistant when cured, and temperature resistant. To be good for fixing

  • Hand Tools,Small Hoses,Outdoor Gear,Emergency Kits,Survival Kits,Camping,etc.
  • Yard Equipment,Sports Gear,Outdoor Gear,Emergency Kits,Survival Kits,Patio Furniture, etc.
  • Water Lines,Metal Frames,Yard Equipment,Emergency Kits,Survival Kits,Posts, Rails,Beams, etc.


  • Water-solidified, also get solid slowly in the air.

  • High temperature resistance: 150 Centigrade degree.

  • Easy stick to rubber, PVC, polyester, metal, fiberglass, concrete materials.

  • Instant solidified within 10 minutes, useable under water.

  • Water proof, endurable to most chemical solvent and fuels, and its intensity and humidity rate keeps over 85%.

  • Endurable mechanical abrasion.

  • Endurable over 10 kgs inner pressure.

  • No strain when spread out.

  • Two ends will automatically overlap joint together.

  • High durability owing to the high-quality packing material.

  • Comfortable and safety used and non-toxic.


  • Color                                              Black
  • *Size: 2"X50"
  • *High temperature resistance: 150 °C
  • the impact toughness               ≥30KJ/M2

  • the vertical tensile strength      ≥12Mpa

  • the horizontal tensile strength  ≥32Mpa

  • the layers’ peel strength            ≥20N/25mm

  • the compression strength         ≥300N

Fiber Fix Rigid Repair Tape For Broken handle, Leaking Pipes, even Broken Tree

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