The  machine can crease clear lines on not only coated art paper, tough paper but also photocopy paper. The modules are interchangeable with perforating die modules. The machine has a small volume and is easy to operate and maintain, making itself as an ideal matching equipment in the binding process. It can crease indents for files, name cards, photos, invitations, etc. The modules are changeable for creasing single indent and double indents.

Main Features:

  • All metal base

  •  creasing single indent

  • Capable of Interchanging with perforating die module also (optional, sold separately )*

  • Modules interchanging are easily and conveniently

  • Maximum creasing width 18"

  • 2 Magnetic blocks ideal for alignment  with accurate ruler in inch and metre along

  • Package dimension: 24x 20x 9"

  • Package weight: 18lbs

18" Manual Creasing Scoring Machine Creaser Scorer with Multi Function Heavy Duty Die-Interchangable

  • Product Code: PFS181
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  • $219.00

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