This inkjet PVC cards are specially designed for  cards printing like business card, membership cards, VIP card, employee cards, student cards etc. and  it is absolute the best Inkjet PVC cards . This  printable ID cards features proprietary coating that ensures your inkjet printer will produce excellent results, without smearing, bleeding, or running. Once dry, it features with waterproof and resistant to most environmental changes.The coating is specially designed to resist scratches.  Printing  these cards requires   regular Inkjet Printer, and   PVC card tray* (see below).


  • Printable  Inkjet PVC ID Cards - The Absolute Best Available, Guaranteed
  • Standard Credit Card Size (CR80) and Thickness (3.375" x 2.125",  thickness of 30mil, 20mil, and 32 mil)
  • Both sides can be printed on. Using our downloadable templates allows you to print edge to edge (full bleed).
  • Printer Brand: Canon, Epson (not included)

*These trays are available for Epson and Canon printers with the following model numbers:

  • Epson "R200" Tray:   R200, R210, R220, R230, R240, R300, R300M, R320

  • Epson "R280" Tray:   R260, R265, R270, R280, R290, R380, RX580, RX595, Artisan 50, P50, T50

  • Canon G Tray:    IP4600, IP4680, IP4700, IP4760, IP4810, IP4820, IP4840, IP4850, IP4880, IP4910, IP4920, IP4950, IP4980, MG5220, MG5240, MG5250, MG5320, MG5350, MG6120, MG6140, MG6150, MG6220, MG8120, MG8140, MG8150, MG8220, MG8240, MP630, MP640, MP980, MP990

  • Canon J Tray:     MG5400, MG5420, MG5422, MG5430, MG5450, MG5460, MG5470, MG5480, MG6310, MG6320, MG6330, MG6340, MG6350, MG6360, MG6370, MG7110, MG7120, MG7130, MG7140, MG7150, MG7160, MG7170, iP7200, iP7210, iP7220, iP7230, iP7240, iP7250, iP7260, iP7270, MG7510, MG7520, MG7540, MG7550, MG7570, MG7710, MG7720, MG7730, MG7740, MG7750, MG7760, MG7770, MG7780, MG7790, MX922, MX923, MX924, MX925, MX926

**Templates are available for  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

InkJet Printable PVC ID Cards Works with Epson and Canon Inkjet Printers 25pcs

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